How to Build a Zero-Tax Retirement ---- "The Power of Zero"

Ballooning National Debt/Deficit Spending

All growing exponentially because of overburdened Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Bailouts, COVID-19 Stimulus Programs

How are WE going to pay for it all?

Taxes MUST Inevitably Increase!

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Retirement Distribution Planning

Learn the new paradigm for accumulating dollars thoughtfully and strategically in a variety of retirement accounts to extend the life of your retirement assets.

Estate Planning


Who should inherit your assets?

Transferring property at death

Living Trusts

Planning for incapacity

The importance of updating your plan.

Avoiding Social Security Taxation

Learn what causes Social Security taxation. Understand Social Security thresholds of which you must be aware. Appreciate the real costs of Social Security taxation. Discover strategies to reduce or eliminate Social Security taxation.

Protecting Against Market Loss

  1. Learn 2 types of investment risk
  2. Analyze if "buy & hold" is an appropriate strategy in retirement
  3. Understand how to mitigate both types of risk to achieve true portfolio diversification

Strategies to Avoid 3 Retirement Distribution Pitfalls

  1. Withdrawing money too quickly
  2. Liquidating your assets in the wrong order
  3. Getting the wrong sequence of returns on your investments during distribution phase

Discuss Strategies to Pay for Long-Term Care Expenses

Learn why a long-term care event may have a devastating impact on your retirement

Understand why Medicaid only steps in after "spend-down"

Learn why the non-institutionalized spouse may live a greatly reduced lifestyle because of an institutionalized spouse's last illness

Discover a hybrid way of paying for long-term care expenses

Take Control of Your Retirement Now!

Don't let another devastating event or dramatic market downturn leave your retirement in jeopardy or have unnecessary taxes chew up your hard-earned money before you get to enjoy it for yourself!

"The Tax Train is Coming" Movie

Full length Hollywood documentary produced and directed by Doug Orchard. Features: George Schultz, PhD, Former Comptroller General David Walker, Power of Zero author David McKnight, Gov. Gary Herbert, Tom Hegna, and others!


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